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Vitamin D & Sun Exposure

Salmon, Vitamin DGet your Vitamin D from diet, NOT from sun exposure or indoor tanning
Vitamin D is critical for healthy bones, but you should get your daily allowance of vitamin D from a healthy diet and/or oral vitamin D supplements, NOT from sun exposure or indoor tanning.

Foods with vitamin D:

  • Fish liver oils
  • Fatty fish
  • Eggs from hens that have been fed vitamin D
  • Milk products fortified with vitamin D
  • Cereals fortified with vitamin D

Unprotected UV exposure from the sun or indoor tanning devices can cause skin cancer.

To protect against skin cancer, a daily sun protection regimen is highly recommended (Please read our article on Sun Protection)

If you have any of the following risk factors for vitamin D deficiency, then eat foods rich in vitamin D or take oral vitamin D supplements.

Risk factors for vitamin D deficiency:

  • Dark skin individuals
  • Elderly persons
  • Photosensitive individuals
  • People with limited sun exposure
  • Obese individuals

If you are concerned that you may be deficient in vitamin D, see your primary care physician to get a blood test.