The Online Dermatology Clinic



What is the advantage of your medical service?

Direct Dermatology provides a convenient and affordable medical service that is designed to allow any referring health care provider immediate access to consultation from a US-trained and board certified dermatologist for their patients' skin problems. We started this service because of the frustration we heard within the medical community about the lack of access they had to dermatologists. We are available for consultation 24/7, we will provide a diagnosis and treatment recommendations for your patient's skin problem, and we guarantee a report in within 2 business days.

When should I use your service?

  • Anytime you have a question or want a second opinion about diagnosis and treatment recommendations for any of your patients' skin-related medical complaints
  • When your patient cannot or prefers not to wait the multiple weeks or months to get an in-office visit with a dermatologist in your area
  • When you want to have an open communication with a dermatologist that involves a two-way dialogue and educational opportunities. We recognize that many basic dermatology skills are often not taught during typical medical training and part of our mission is to provide education that will help you take better care of your patients.


Who are the doctors performing the consultation?

All our dermatologists have been trained at some of the best medical schools in this country. They are all US board-certified dermatologists who live in the US, were trained in the US, and are licensed in the state that you reside. Each doctor's bio is under the Meet Our Doctors page. We do not employ doctors who reside and practice in locations outside of the US.

Are photographs sufficient for a dermatologist to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendation?

In the majority of cases, good quality photographs of a skin condition are sufficient for making an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendation. Multiple studies have shown that teledermatology with photographs has high diagnostic concordance and highly similar treatment recommendations and clinical outcomes as live in-office dermatologist visits. If our dermatologist feels that the photographs are insufficient, then he/she may request that you take additional photographs or recommend that your patient see a dermatologist face-to-face in your area for further care.

How long does it take to get a response from the Direct Dermatology dermatologist?

We guarantee that you will receive a report within 2 business days. We will notify you by e-mail that the report is ready for viewing on your secure online account.

What if you recommend that my patient needs a biopsy or other procedure?

If you do skin procedures in your own office, we will work with you and guide you to help facilitate delivering the best procedural skin care to your patients. If you do not feel comfortable doing any procedure we recommend, we will assist you in getting a high priority appointment with a dermatologist in your area.

Do you directly provide prescriptions to the patient?

If you would like for us to directly prescribe to your patient, we will fax or send electronically a prescription to your patient's preferred pharmacy. If you prefer to handle the prescriptions for your patient, we can provide guidelines on which prescriptions we recommend.

Will I be able to ask any follow up questions to the Direct Dermatology dermatologist?

Yes, our goal is to use technology to remove the traditional access barriers that prevent referring providers from communicating with the specialists they refer patients to. We strongly believe in an open and constant dialogue that will ultimately lead to improved patient care. We provide a secure online messaging system that will allow you to ask any follow-up questions. You are also welcome to contact us by phone. Since our dermatologists are not burdened by typical office-related activities, 100% of their time is directly committed to patient care and communicating with the referring provider.


medical informationIs my patient's health information kept private?

Yes. Direct Dermatology considers the privacy of your patients' health information to be one of the most important elements in our relationship with its customers. We understand that health information is very personal, and value your trust in s haring your patients' confidential information with us. Our responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of this health information is one that we take very seriously. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

Are my patient's photographs kept private?

Yes. Direct Dermatology stores your patients' photographs in their medical record in an encrypted form that meets the standards defined by HIPAA, on secure computer servers in controlled facilities. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect personal information including photographs from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. No data is transferred to anyone unless you or your patient has requested it. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.